The Troubled Clown


Character Information


Felix Lester

The Troubled Clown

Series Shiro Dynasty
Age ¿¿¿
Occupation Entertainer
Affiliation Unknown

Felix Lester is an entertainer who came from a long line of carnival performers. As a boy, he was a joyous person who was full of life and excitement. He loved to sing, dance, and do magic tricks for everyone. His father though was a very greedy man who extorted people and would often use Flister’s talents as a man attraction, charging outrageous prices for entrance fees, and making Flister do more and more daring acts. One day, a woman and her daughter came to the circus and asked if they could see the show. The woman said they didn’t have much money, but it was her daughter’s dying wish to see the little Flister perform. Flister’s father refused them and went to kick them out when the illusion faded.


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