In Search Of The Blue Pearl

Pew pew pew! Pshhhhh! BOOM!” Peter sat by his sister, Aria playing mercilessly with a brand new toy mechbot. His green eyes lit up with excitement as he made it fly through the air. It was the newest model: a L1NX-227, equipped with rockets, flight wings, and interchangeable hand guns. He brought it high up into the air, in line with the horizon, where the sun was almost done with its daily farewell, and made more whooshing noises.

His older sister, Aria rolled her hazelnut brown eyes, and instead focused on the construct she was making out of Geogons; colorful many-faced shapes that could be put together in an almost unlimited amount of ways to create whatever you wanted. She had just about finished her creation, a bear-shaped mech of her own, when a loud cry of anguish caused her hand to shake, toppling it over.

She groaned under her breath at the sound of her brother sniffling and ran a hand through her light brown hair to calm herself before turning to face him.

“Aria, can you please…?” he asked her, handing the broken-winged mech over to her. She sighed and took the mech from him.

“Alright then Peter…” she said in a mildly annoyed voice. She quickly examined the toy before snapping the wing back into place, testing it, and handing it back good as new.

“Wow, you’re amazing Ria!” the boy exclaimed, shaking his blonde head and grinning wildly.

“Please… you’ve seen me fix things like this a billion times already!” she protested, giving him a slight smile. “Besides, if I’m going to be a Mechaneer one day, I should be able to fix a small toy!”

The First story from the Hyke Multiverse is in development.