Character creation for League Of Legends

League of Legends is the most played game in the world, so much that it is a global cultural phenomenon that surpasses national borders. With its high replay value, solid concept and beautiful grpahics, it brought together players. It brought together fans. And it brought together a group of talents from 9 different countries who would have otherwise never met. 13 creators are responsible for the Sigil Project. Despite being thousands of miles away from each other, we worked off of our passions and off of each other. 13 creators are responsible for the Sigil Project.

League of Legends has inspired us to formulate and develop this comprehensive project as a team, not only to emulate the product we have seen but to address what our predecessors could not.
The 13 of us are here to distinguish our stories of commitment, creativity and problem-solving, a story we hope to tell through a legend of our own creation. We hope that you will join us on the journey and become a part of that legend.

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